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Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting

Financial literacy is crucial for success in both professional and personal life. This course, Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting, offers an introduction to essential concepts such as financial decision-making, planning, budgeting, and risk management. Real-life examples and a culminating case study provide practical insights into the accounting basics necessary for comprehensive financial understanding. Designed for managers, leaders, and anyone interested in the business world, the course provides valuable tools for effective resource management and stakeholder communication.


you will

Financial Decision-Making

Understand the principles of making informed financial decisions, aligning them with business goals, and managing resources effectively.

Budgeting and Planning

Learn the art of strategic financial planning and budgeting, essential for both personal and organizational success.

Accounting Basics and Risk Management

Acquire foundational knowledge in accounting and risk management, enhancing your financial literacy and ability to navigate the complex financial landscape.

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