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Foundations in Management and Leadership

Management and leadership are central to the success of any organization, be it in the corporate sector, non-profit, or government institutions. This course introduces you to the P-O-G-C mnemonic, representing the four primary roles of managers: Preparing, Optimizing, Guiding, and Conducting. From planning strategies and maximizing efficiency to inspiring employees and monitoring progress, you’ll explore the intricate responsibilities of management. Additionally, you’ll dive into various forms of leadership, understanding how to influence and guide individuals towards common goals. Whether you’re a seasoned manager or aspiring to be one, this course provides the essential framework to strengthen your managerial and leadership competencies.


you will

Preparing and Optimizing

Learn how to develop a strategic plan to achieve organizational objectives, delegate tasks, and arrange resources to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Guiding and Inspiring

Master the art of motivating employees, setting expectations, providing feedback, and creating a positive work environment, essential for achieving established goals.

Conducting and Leadership Principles

Understand the process of monitoring progress, setting performance standards, and taking corrective actions, alongside exploring various leadership styles such as transformational, situational, and servant leadership.

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