Our Team

#FreeLearn Canada has gathered a group of highly skilled individuals that will guide the not-for-profit on a volunteer basis to enable our purpose: “Enabling equal access to affordable, high-quality, accessible education to marginalized Canadians without barriers.”

#FreeLearn Canada provides an opportunity to marginalized Canadians by delivering education that will increase employment opportunities. FreeLearn was created through extensive industry-led research and consultation with professionals with more than 160 years of collective experience in providing educational and career guidance.

#FreeLearn is a Federal Registered Not-For-Profit Entity in partnership with The Royal Alberta College and key industry stakeholders, NGOs and governmental organizations. These stakeholders have formed ad-hoc volunteer committees consisting of highly skilled professionals representing all stakeholders and industry needs. These committees provided their expertise, identified gaps within various employment sectors, and collaborated to create a solution to fill the needs of their sectors by delivering education, mentorship, job training, and guidance in a non-confrontational, culturally sensitive, inclusive and supportive environment. 

The #FreeLearn Canada team creates a foundation of trust for all invested stakeholders and strives to move the underemployed and unemployed – those with some education but no credentials -into an education, ultimately leading to high-demand, entry-level positions in a variety of fields.

Any questions pertaining to policies, costs, accessibility, sponsorship, or industry participation should be addressed to The Executive Director. The Executive Directors’ Office is a web-based (online) office and can be reached by email at perry@freelearn.ca or on Google MEET. 

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors have highly accomplished Canadians who provide their experience and perspectives that have been obtained through their lived experiences and make recommendations to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director, and committees on an as-needed basis for the best interest to reach the intended learners.

"Those who can, do. - Those who can do more, teach. "

Mrs. Jennifer Carol worked for the family business that was established by her grandfather, Western Educational Activities Ltd., this family-operated business provided support to the School Boards, teachers, parents and many students within Edmonton and in Alberta. Jennifer then carried the Wacowich name for another generation by teaching in the Edmonton Catholic School Board as a teacher.

Jennifer Carol

Jennifer Carol, B.Ed.

Dr Monica Chahal Headshot

Dr. Monica Chahal

Dr. Monica Chahal is a highly skilled educator with more than 10 years of experience teaching in post-secondary and secondary education institutions, research and studies and more than 10 years of experience in teaching grades 7 to 12.

Dr. Chahal has worked in many diverse and marginalized communities including at Westminster City School, in London, England and taught within the Edmonton Public School Board and has contributed to many committees and papers that include topics within equity, inclusion, diversity, multi-culturalism and anti-racism. Dr. Monica Chahal is an Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Education – University of Alberta Editor, and contributes to the Alberta Science Education Journal (Alberta Teachers Association) Presently Dr. Chahal is teaching science courses at Edmonton Centre High School.

Warren Letchford, B.Ed

Mr. Letchford (he/him) graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in Education (B.Ed). He has been teaching for more than two decades for the Edmonton Catholic School District.

Corey Roffry, M.Ed.

Executive Director

Perry Chahal

Perry Chahal has more than a decade of experience as a Post-Secondary Lecturer at the University of Alberta (UofA), Grant MacEwan University (GMU), Chitkara University, The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) and is the Chief Registrar at The Royal Alberta College (RAC)  He is the Executive Director and a Director of Free Learn Canada (FLC).

Any questions pertaining to policies, costs, accessibility, sponsorship, or industry participation should be addressed to The Executive Director. The Executive Directors Office is a web-based (online) office and can be reached by email at Perry@FreeLearn.ca or on Google MEET. To learn more about the Executive Director please visit his LinkedIn page.

Financial Controller & Auditor

Khalid Rahal, CGA, CPA

Mr. Rahal brings over a decade of experience as a Charted Accountant and has extensive experience working as a Tax Auditor for the Canada Revenue Agency and now is a partner at a firm that assists not-for-profits, small, medium and large businesses (Rahal & Company LLP). He is an avid soccer fan, and spends his free time volunteering in the community and helping raise his young family. Mr. Rahal will assist the school in the delivery of programs to help marginalized communities and assuring that courses that are offered are financially sustainable. 

Digital Transformation Team

Ikram Shire

Website Editor and Developer
Ikram Shire was formerly an intern at IBM as a front end software developer and she is currently in her final year at the University of Alberta studying Computer Science. Over the last year, Ikram has spent her time fine turning her skills in graphic design as well and runs her own magazine, Luvu10kyears, focusing on art, culture, and technology.

Chloe Samoila

Graphic Designer

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Chloe has lived in BC and Newfoundland, now making her home in Ontario. After attending the University of Victoria for Astronomy and Physics and then for Political Science, Chloe realized that she needed a more creative career path, so she left school to pursue graphic design on her own. She aims to use her creative skills to create intriguing and accessible ways for people to interact with the world around them in our ever-changing society.

Megan Nguyen

Web Developer
Megan is originally from Vietnam, and for the past 4 years she has been studying computer science at the University of British Columbia in the Okanagan. Outside of web development, she’s also a digital illustrator and animator, and she enjoys contributing art assets to video game development projects.

Our Volunteers

The individuals within this team have been selected from more than 170 qualified applicants from across Canada and will be under the leadership of the Office of The Registrar to lead the transformation of our resources to be fully online. These individuals are disrupters and strive to make a positive impact for all Canadians through technology and advocacy.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Advisors

FreeLearn’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) mission is to enable an open, equal and free society by making education affordable and accessible. The mission is led through a cooperative relationship with the Executive Director and a group of volunteers that are community leaders. These leaders provide perspectives on how to enhance opportunities for those that represent marginalized groups, including individuals from lower socioeconomic brackets, LGBTQ2+, Canadians that identify as Black, Indigenous or as a Person of Colour [BIPOC], Newcomers, Refugees, Women, racialized and any other underserved community that requires support.

Grant Application Team

Ted Neylor, PHD


Dr. Matt Cromier

Assistant Lecturer, Department of English and Film Studies Communications and Research Officer, Canadian Literature Centre University of Alberta Treaty 6/Métis Territory.