Marketing is the broad process of promoting and selling a product or service, which involves identifying customer needs, developing and pricing products or services, promoting and distributing them through various channels, and building and maintaining relationships with customers.

Marketing components include market research, product design, pricing strategy, distribution channels, sales promotions, and public relations. All these activities work together to achieve a business or organization’s marketing goals and objectives.

Strategic marketing is a comprehensive process of planning, implementing, and evaluating marketing activities. Designed to achieve the objectives of a business or organization in a competitive marketplace. It involves the development of a long-term marketing plan that aligns with the overall strategic goals of the business or organization.

The strategic marketing plan outlines specific tactics and initiatives to achieve the marketing objectives. These tactics may include:

Strategic marketing is an ongoing process, with the marketer regularly reviewing and updating the plan based on changes in the market, customer needs, and the business’s internal capabilities. By taking a strategic marketing approach, a business can develop a competitive advantage, build brand awareness and loyalty, and achieve its long-term growth and profitability goals.