Ben and Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s is an American Ice Cream company based in South Burlington, Vermont. Ben & Jerry’s is known for its high employee engagement philosophy. The company’s mission is to positively impact society while providing employees a fun and fulfilling work environment. They offer unique employee benefits such as paid time off for volunteer work, health and wellness programs, and a commitment to paying their employees a living wage.

Ben and Jerry’s employee benefits align with the theories of Maslow and Herzberg. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs identifies physiological, safety, belongingness, esteem, and self-actualization as the five basic needs of human beings, with each level being a prerequisite for the next. The benefits offered by Ben and Jerry’s, such as health and wellness programs and a living wage, help satisfy the physiological and safety needs of employees.

Similarly, Herzberg’s two-factor theory proposes that certain factors in the workplace, such as job security and working conditions, must be present to prevent dissatisfaction, while other factors, such as recognition and personal growth opportunities, lead to motivation and job satisfaction. The benefits offered by Ben and Jerry’s, such as paid time off for volunteer work and a commitment to paying a living wage, can lead to employee satisfaction and motivation, which can ultimately increase engagement and productivity.

Therefore, by offering unique employee benefits that align with the basic needs and motivators outlined by Maslow and Herzberg, Ben and Jerry’s is able to create a workplace culture that promotes employee engagement and satisfaction.

In summary, employee engagement is crucial for companies to thrive in today’s competitive business environment. Engaged employees are more committed, productive, and willing to go above and beyond for their organization, resulting in higher levels of customer satisfaction and profitability. Ben & Jerry’s is an excellent example of a company that has successfully implemented an employee engagement strategy. By offering unique benefits and committing to living wages, they have created a workplace culture where employees feel valued and motivated to make a difference. Other companies can learn from Ben & Jerry’s example by focusing on employee engagement as a key driver of success.