Blue Seal Program

Blue Seal Nexus Certificate

About This Program

Freelearn is proud to announce our partnership with The Royal Alberta College for the Blue Seal Program. The Royal Alberta College (RAC) is a Government of Alberta approved educational service provider to Alberta tradespeople (and learners from other jurisdictions that have an agreement with the Government of Alberta) for the Blue Seal Program.

The Office of the Registrar has sectioned off the Royal Alberta Business Administration and Applied Communications with a Minor Program. 

This program has been divided into sections of key knowledge, each “block of knowledge” will  allow the learner to receive the training and a subject specific certificate, when the learner completes ALL courses. 

The combined hours is in excess of 171 hours (Current requirement by AIT is 150 hours)  and qualifies the learner for the Blue Seal Certificate.

Office hours for this course will be held every Wednesday from 11 am – 12 pm MST.